Some tips for driving


Here are some tips for drivers: You might find them very useful, based on them, in many years I became a bad driver.

Don’t make eye contact with the following:

Anyone you just ‘cut’.

Whoever you just found.

Anyone who has just pulled over so you can graduate.

Anybody. You must have eyes on the road, silly.

Beware of older drivers. They are generally threats. Especially older men and older women. Drivers who are older than other categories are also a problem.

Be careful with the heroes and knights. These are people who stop to let the other drivers come out of the entrance and side road. They violated all the rules while thinking they made help. They did not do any assistance, they only violated the flow and did what everyone was not expected. If you want to be a hero, go to war and save some babies. Don’t be a knight in a shining armor when I’m behind you. There are certain streams to traffic life, and everyone knows what is expected. When the driver breaks the flow and starts to let others come out of the side and become all Goody Goody, it messs it for everyone. Go where did you go and continue!

Hugh Mylo

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