Is online education better?


When the web becomes easily accessed by almost everyone in the world, almost all types of connections and businesses are available. One of them is online education.

In the past, higher education through class on campus was carried out by a professor or instructor. At present, assisted by technology for fast and instant communication, formal education can be obtained online.


First, you are taught how to access the Class Manager website. The first instruction is how to create a user name and profile.

With this, you will be able to access assignments, class syllabus, and reading. You will also be able to access the chat board where everyone (instructor and your classmates) interact. The class manager site is also a place to download and submit your duties.

Communication is carried out through instant service and email. The class is determined so that students can have a special assignment for a certain date. All this is flexible. The class is designed as fast or as slow as that can be done by each student.

The benefits of new developments in education vary. Some are clear.


Accessibility is one of the big advantages for online education. This is also one of the main differences between online classes and traditional colleagues conducted in classes on campus.

One scenario is about students who cannot have time to physically attend their class. The person might work, a housewife with children, or may have some other full time commitments.

With online education, you can set your own class schedule and directly focus your energy on your lesson. You decide your own time to discuss with other students, consult with your professor and study the lesson module.

Individual instructions

Students learn concepts in their own way with their own speed. The lesson is learned by listening to them (audio) or reading it (printed from downloads). Some lessons are recorded or presented in PowerPoint (audio-visual) by the instructor and can be seen by students such as in the classroom.

In traditional classrooms, some students are naturally ashamed to speak. With online studies, anyone can “talk” as much as desired, without pressure. This is through online chat and instant messages.


In online education, you have your online education counselor. Their job is to guide you through all programs and help make decisions.

This counselor works in your schedule. You can arrange your virtual meeting with them made specifically for your time availability.

Quick communication

Basically, online education focuses on more communication. Instructors and other students are available through the message board and email, both of which are instant.

In real life meetings, it is very difficult to bring everyone into the group. With ease of online accessibility, meeting all classmates to discuss or chat on a project can be done almost anywhere and almost at any time.

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