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When you travel around the world around you, it changes the world in you. It was one of my quotes a few years ago from my travel blog when I was blogging The World Tour. This applies to this day, in my opinion.

I have made many trips in the last 3 months, in particular, and are often asked how I did it. How to maintain my energy, my focus, my connection, my health. So, here are my best travel tips – try, you will like it.

Tips #1 – Maintain regular sleep habits. This is normal for me, whether I travel or not. But when I was on the road, it was very important for me to sleep. I adjusted to the time zone I was and did it. I made sure the room was dark, cold, calm and normal, when at the conference, for example, I always room alone. I know that many people find extraordinary excitement sharing rooms while attending the event. It was not successful for me because I got enough stimulation during work days and meetings -I did not need additional stimulation in my room who wanted to be -brief for the next few hours. This is my free time so I can be mentally prepared to sleep well. That also means electronic or TV is limited.

Tips #2 – Routine Exercise. This day, it can mean just counting your steps at the airport – they are very big! It takes a lot of time and a lot of steps to get around. I hired a private coach this year and, when I was at home, it made a big difference. When I was on the road, I remained responsible, doing training and posting photos for my coach, so I showed evidence of my commitment. At the very least, I did some yoga movements that helped stretch after a long plane. I brought my sports DVD too – me and Jillian Roberts – Look Out World!

Tips #3 – I made a good food choice. Actually there is no reason to see the menu when I travel. I know what I eat regularly for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – now, remember my 80/20 rules. When I am in a special place (like in Africa – I will have chocolate croissants … just say it!) – I will try different foods. But for a normal trip – I remain with ordinary food choices – and rarely I will drink when I am on the road. It ruined my sleep. I know it. So why do it?

Tips #4: I made a journal thank you. Next to my sportswear, the journal thank you for the only thing in the suitcase. When I was traveling, I realized and recognized how beautiful my life was and I wanted to maintain my gratitude.

Tips #5: Take care of the sense of humor. Today’s trip can make frustration, challenging, and difficult. There are many things outside of my control. It is very important to maintain a sense of humor – and I do it with people who watch. I like it! Most people have their faces that are fixed on their electronic devices – I just sit, with my latte, and watch. This is good for keeping stress levels low. (Good quality chocolate and Starbucks latte make me a happy traveler! – Find your happy place too!)

I have traveled often and will continue to do it. My trip tips are not rocket science – they are quite basic but they work. Try them – you will also like it.

Hugh Mylo

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